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Cortazu | Refer a friend

Refer a friend and receive 20% off. No account needed. Just fill in you and your friend's email down below.


Do I need an account to refer a friend?

No! You don't need an account to refer a friend and enjoy the discounts. However, making an account will provide you with even more benefits for future purchases. Learn more here.

How do I claim my discount?

The friend you've referred will receive an e-mail with a link to claim his 15% off. Once a purchase has been made using this unique discount code, you as the referrer will receive an e-mail to claim your 20% off. Simple as that!

How often can I refer a friend?

You can only refer a friend once, per unique e-mail address and IP address. Once a purchase has been completed via a referral, the IP address resets making you able to refer another unique e-mail address.

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