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How to Wash a Hardshell Jacket?

How to Wash a Hardshell Jacket?

Your hardshell jacket has accompanied you on plenty of adventures. It has protected you from freezing temperatures, strong winds, and torrential rain. It's only fair that you give it some care in return. This blog post will walk you through the necessary procedures to keep your hardshell jacket in top condition and prepared for future outdoor adventures.

When is it time to clean a hardshell jacket?

Before we delve into the washing process, let's discuss the ideal time to clean your hardshell jacket. You'll know it's time for a wash when you've been in particularly demanding conditions or when you've observed a decline in its water-repellent properties. This ensures your outer shell jacket maintains its peak performance.

How to clean a hardshell jacket?

Let's now go over how to wash your waterproof hardshell jacket step-by-step so that it always looks great and functions properly.

Read the care label

Prior to beginning, always read the product care instructions provided by the manufacturer for your Cortazu jacket. These instructions will offer practical advice on how to maintain your shell coat.

Empty, zip and shake the jacket

Empty all pockets, fasten all zippers, and give your jacket a good shake to get rid of any loose dirt or debris before washing it to avoid damaging it or other clothing.

Choosing the detergent

Select a suitable detergent for technical outdoor gear. It's best to avoid standard detergents and fabric softeners, as they can leave residue that affects the jacket's waterproofing capabilities. Look for a specialized technical fabric detergent such as Nikwax.

Choose the right settings on the washing machine and start the cycle

Put your mountain shell jacket in the washing machine, using cold water (20 degrees) and the gentle cycle setting. If your jacket is extremely dirty or the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment isn't working properly, use a second rinse cycle.

Also, avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

Dry the hardshell jacket

Hang your jacket to dry naturally after the wash cycle is complete. Avoiding sources of high heat and direct sunlight is advised because they could damage the waterproof membrane.

Re-apply the DWR on the hardshell jacket

It's essential to restore the hardshell jacket's water-repellent qualities after washing. The effectiveness of the DWR treatment may decrease over time. You have two options for restoring your jacket's water resistance: a DWR treatment spray like Nikwax, or a wash-in product like Nikwax Tech Wash. For best results, carefully follow the instructions given on the product label. 

By following these instructions, you can maintain your hardshell jacket's cleanliness and ensure it continues to provide the protection and comfort you need on your outdoor adventures. Don't forget to look at Cortazu's selection of hardshell jackets for men and  hardshell jackets for women, which are made for a variety of activities and climates. 

No matter if you're skiing, hiking, or trying the elements, Cortazu has the perfect hardshell jacket, from the Insulated to the All Weather hardshell jackets, to keep you comfortable and dry.


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