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Kyle Vollaers

Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer

Kyle is currently freelancing throughout the world. He is known for his soft cinematic style of photography, and his unique ability to capture seemingly ordinary locations in a beautiful way.

Ogik Jatmiko

Travel Photographer

Ogik is a travel photographer, outdoor fanatic. Through his cinematic photography, he shows us what beautiful places the world has to offer. Need a digital getaway? Make sure to read his story and be amazed!

Sjoerd Bracké

Travel & Adventure Photographer

Sjoerd has seen a lot of the world already. Through his mind-blowing photography he shows what this world has to offer in terms of going on adventures and beautiful landscapes.

Cuno de Bruin

Travel & Outdoors Photographer

Through the use of his jaw-dropping landscape photographs he shows his audience the beauties of the planet in an inspiring and unique manner. His shots really inspire you to get out there!

Dusty Cressey

Skier & Photographer

Let’s get to know Dusty a little bit better by asking him some questions about himself, his travels and why he’s working with Cortazu!



Elmar Teegelbeckers, founder of Thru-Hiking, brings people together in the outdoors. Through experience-focused hikes, the community creates everlasting memories. Want to go on an epic adventure?

Unbelievable Iceland

Documented Adventure

We went on a trip. More specifcially, our photography ambassadors Kyle Vollaers and Jonas Hornehoj went to experience a rare, but extreme volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Sebastien Nagy

Travel & Nature Photographer

Sebastien Nagy, residing in Brussels - Belgium and renowned (drone) photographer. Having released his own photography book, we're please to have him as an ambassador!

Cédric Houmadi

Travel Photographer

Cédric Houmadi - Adventurere, Photographer and Outdoor fanatic. Read on to find out what inspires him and his collaboration with Cortazu.

Benedikt & Marina

Travel Photographers

Benedikt & Marina - Accomplished travel photographer duo, exploring the outskirts of the world! Check the full story by clicking the button.

Get in touch with us!

Are you a promising athlete? A content creator with a following that stands out? A professional photographer / videographer that we really need to know? Reviewer, blogger or a journalist?

Janneke Berghuis

Athlete | Professional Skier

At the age of 18 Janneke won her first European Cup for Mogul skiing. With several other high-place finishes on the EU circuit, the ultimate goal is gold at the Olympic games.

24ThePlanet - Justdiggit

Charity Event

We raised €34.597 to regreen land in parts of Africa with Justdiggit. We did a 24 hour walk in the Vondelpark Amsterdam to raise awareness and get donations. 

Tenzing Natural Energy

Partner of Cortazu

An incredible experience in the Himalayas, Nepal. Summiting a Himalayan peak can still be an incredibly rewarding challenge if done the right way.

Official Store Opening


The long-awaited opening of our flagship store finally happened! Check out what it was all about. 


Partner of Cortazu

Together with our partner Justdiggit we are on a mission to re-green the plant. We are making dry land green again by capturing rainwater and introducing sustainable agriculture to create healthy ecosystems. 

Ashwin Wullems

Travel Photographer

We're pleased to introduce Ashwin! A photographer, capturing his travels and lifestyle. In need of a digital escape to some beautiful locations and grasping views? Check out his story.

Robin Uthe

Outdoor & Lifestyle Photographer

You’ll most likely find him hiking in the mountains! Looking at his photos makes you want to enjoy the outdoors yourself and inspires many people in every way!

Cortazu Selects


We are pleased to introduce our Cortazu Selects program. Kicking it off with The Active City Selection. Check the story to see what we've done, and what the future will hold!

Francesco Capaccioni

Travel & Adventure Photographer

Francesco worked with us since the beginning. We absolutely love his style and enthusiasm for travel photography. Exploring is what makes him happy about life!

Laura Berghuis

Athlete | Professional Skier

With her first podium finish in the European Cup and a place in the upcoming junior world championships, we cannot wait to see what she will achieve!

Cabin ANNA

Partner of Cortazu

Connecting with nature in a way you’ve never experienced before! This might be the best kept secret of Brabant in The Netherlands. Read about our experience at Cabin ANNA at Holenberg!


On the 14th of June 2023, the group of four have set off on a cycling adventure that takes them from the mountains of Rwanda down to the great wetlands of Liuwa Plain, Zambia, fulfilling their mission!

Alexis Audisio

Passionate Skier

He skis many disciplines but is predominantly a freestyle and off-piste enthusiast. He is best known for his gnarly air time and flips. The extreme tricks he hits look almost nonchalant with his laid back style

Sabrina Gaudio

Travel Photographer

Sabrina is a travel photographer and content creator travelling around the world. Through her photography she shows what our world has to offer in terms of nature and the outdoors.

Ben Adams

Multidisciplinary Outdoor Photographer

Ben Adams is a photographer, splitboarder and overall outdoor junkie. Through his experience-focused photography, he shows us what the outdoors can bring. 

Roy Mandersloot

Travel Photographer

We're pleased to introduce Roy! He is is a photographer who captures his travels wherever he goes. From the Alps to Indonesia. Beautiful landscapes are guaranteed! Read more. 

Koen de Geus

Travel Enthusiast

Koen is cycling 20.000 km on his bike to protect nature, from Cancun (Mexico) auto the most southern city in the world Ushuaia (Argentina). He will raise funds for the IUCN Land Acquisition Fund. 

Lennart Michels

Travel Enthusiast

At Cortazu we encourage adventure and unique experiences. Traveling 10,000 Kilometers all by bicycle, read on to find out what inspired him, and the struggles he has faced and overcame along the way. 


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