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Cortazu X Cabiner

We teamed up with Cabiner to connect more people to nature and start a positive change. Read on to find out how Cabiner started and how this partnership came about.

How did Cabiner start?

Norway, June 2014. Sander and Vincent are hiking with a group of friends on a desolated island above the Arctic Circle. They spend one night in a cabin they happen to come across. The adventure in nature combined with the (minimal) comfort of the hut awakens something.

Freedom, connectedness, adventure! This is a feeling they want to share. What if you had something like this closer to home? A place that unleashes the adventurer in you and lets you feel what the grandeur of nature can do to you. The idea for Cabiner was born.

What is the main purpose of Cabiner?

Connecting people and nature so that they both thrive. With cabins throughout many Dutch National Parks, Cabiner not only connects people and nature, but also nature reserves. The more nature reserves Cabiner can connect, the more people can experience the adventure and value of nature, and the greater the contribution to the development of nature reserves can be. 

Why do you think Cabiner and Cortazu are such great partners?

We are proud to partner with sustainable organisations with whom we can make a positive difference and share a love of the outdoors. With that, in the coming year we hope to get more people to spend a night immersed in nature and of course with the right gear!

Where do you see Cabiner be in the future?

Our dream is to create a network of hiking trails and cabins in and between the most beautiful natural areas of Europe.

Anything else you want to share?

We have an exiting adventure coming up which we will share soon. 

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