Our Pricing Philosophy - Cortazu - Premium Outdoor Clothing
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Our Pricing Philosophy


It’s no secret, €399 for a Hard Shell jacket is a lot of money.

Yes, we could make it cheaper. But if we did that, it would be exactly that; cheap.

It wouldn’t last as long as it does. It wouldn’t be made of the best materials on the planet. 

It wouldn’t comprise of 52 individual components. 

And it wouldn’t be made of the most waterproof and breathable fabric we could find.

It wouldn't be a Cortazu. 

So, that's why we are happy to say that Cortazu will never be cheap. And that’s a good thing.  

Because you'll always get what you pay for.  

Cortazu direct to consumer pricing model

Digitally Native

Our pricing model is designed to tackle the age-old issue of quality vs price. At Cortazu, we aspire to improve the way premium-outerwear is developed, produced, and distributed. That is why we operate a digitally native pricing structure that cuts out unnecessary and expensive intermediaries.

This model allows us to sell to our customers while avoiding high markups that drive up the price. By doing so, we are able to deliver premium products, comparable with the best brands in the industry, at a much better price point.


Innovate & collaborate

What we believe to be the most important aspect of a direct to consumer pricing model is that we get the ability to interact and work with our customers directly. Traditionally you would buy products through retailers or wholesalers, and therefore only receive a filtered-down experience. By getting out there and using our products, giving feedback, and contributing to our community, we are able to constantly collaborate and innovate together.

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