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Dermizax®EV - Revolutionary 3-layer membrane

Dermizax®EV is a 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane (fabric) made by Toray Japan. Specifically developed to provide maximum protection against all kinds of demanding activities and weather conditions.  
It's a durable and lightweight 3-layer fabric that can be washed like any other textiles. The perfect fabric for our collection of High-Performance jackets. Besides waterproofness, we highly value a fabric's breathability.
Toray DermizaxEV membrame 3-layer fabric
See below how the Dermizax membrane compares to other high-performance fabrics.
Cortazu breathability comparison. Toray Japan DermizaxEV
A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us show you why we believe the Cortazu jacket can easily compete with the best in the industry. 
Feature comparison Cortazu jacket

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