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Ambassador | Ashwin Wullems


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Ashwin Wullems is a photographer, capturing his travels and lifestyle. In need of a digital escape to some beautiful locations and grasping views? Make sure to check out his Instagram page and be inspired! 

At Cortazu, we’re proud to say Ashwin has been using our gear during with his travels. Let’s get to know Ashwin a bit better by asking him some questions about himself, his inspiration and why he’s working with Cortazu! 

Hi Ashwin, tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Ashwin Wullems, a 32 year old travel and lifestyle photographer from the Netherlands. I live in a relatively small town close to the coast with my wife and (almost) 2 year old son. During the week I work as a business intelligence analyst and combine this with freelance photography. As i’m an avid traveller I started taking photo’s of my travels about 5 years ago and have since grown a lot during this period. As i’m quite a creative person I definitely love the process of creating and am not planning on looking back!

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What attracts you to traveling and photography?

I have always been fascinated with travel, discovering new places, cultures and people. I’d go on google for hours on end trying to come up with the best itinerary so i’d make the most of my travels. I love to discover new things and experiences when I travel and I think that’s why the combination with photography inspired me so much. It kind of forces me to visit the most epic locations at the best times. Even better when I have to put in some effort. Then in turn, inspiring others with my photography, showcasing the beauty of nature and travel is just an added bonus, the cherry on top. I cherish the moments and the friends I made along the way every day.

What's your best travel memory?

That is definitely a hard one as there are so many great ones. After university I travelled to Australia for a year, (unfortunately without a camera) where I made an awesome roadtrip straight through the country from north to south with a really good friend. Great conversations, epic sunsets and long hours on the road but such a great memory.

Inspire us. What are your favorite destinations?

Since i’m from the flattest country on earth, probably anything that has mountains since the heart wants what it doesnt have at home haha. There is so much to explore in the entire alps region and everything is absolutely beautiful. Besides that, I fell in love with Madeira. It’s close to home, year round good weather (it’s my go-to for some winter sun), mountains, beaches, jungle and good food. It’s a complete package that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

Since my type of photography depends on being outdoor a lot, you have to be able to trust the gear your going out with. I take some of my best photo’s in not optimal conditions and I can completely trust on Cortazu in keeping me warm, dry and comfy. Ever since I got acquinted with the products it’s my go-to for every weather situation and I completely trust it even in the worst conditions.

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

I really like my Recycled Mid layer. It’s the perfect jacket for most weather situations, it’s light, comfortable and can easily be used with other layers such as the fleece jacket or hard-shell. I love the versatility, whether i’m going on a hike through the woods or just for some quick groceries, it’s always a good choice.

Ashwin his Cortazu Products:

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