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Ambassadors | Benedikt Hoehy & Marina Vogel


Beat the elements

Benedikt and Marina, the accomplished travel photographers, navigate the hurdles of changing weather and amazing landscapes during their photography expeditions.

Employing their reliable Cortazu equipment, they triumph over the elements, consistently delivering breathtaking content. They have explored a myriad of destinations across the world. Read on to get inspired!

Stronger Together

Equipped by Cortazu

Cortazu is dedicated to providing the tools for travel photographers like Benedikt and Marina, empowering them to chase their passions and redefine the boundaries of possibility. This is where our journeys intersect. From the majestic summits of the The Alps to the untamed terrains of Iceland, they capture the essence of exploration and the joy of voyaging in every single photograph.

We take immense pride in being a part of their adventures. Within the realm of Cortazu, we take great delight in highlighting Benedikt and Marina's use of our equipment throughout their expeditions. To delve deeper into their world, let's engage them with about their personal experiences, globetrotting escapades, and the reasons for collaborating with Cortazu!

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

We are two young adventurous photographers and outdoor lovers. With this, it is of course always important to be dressed according to the weather and prepared for any change in scenery. Besides, we also want to look fashionable on the pictures of course!

Cortazu combines these two important components perfectly for us. So we no longer need to worry about the weather or appropriate clothing for impressive shots. 

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

Marina: For me it is the All Weather Hardshell Black. It is both simple and fashionable - perfect in any weather. Likewise, it can be well layered with other garments if it is a little cooler or if it is sometimes too warm. You have the practical air inlets under the arms. I would not want to miss the jacket more.

Benedikt: For me it is the Mid-layer Recycled Dark Green because it is suitable for everyday use, warm, comfortable, practical and can be used everywhere and anytime. Casual on a cozy dog walk, sitting outside by a campfire while beeing outside with the van or even at a sunrise hike early in the cold mornings. 

What attracts you to traveling and photography?

You always discover new places, whether in your own country or on international trips. We love every type of travel, be it camping, vanlife, Airbnb, or hotels, because each has its own adventure and merits. Each trip brings with new challenges and presents one with new unfamiliar situations. But that's exactly what we love about traveling, because you grow from it and get to know yourself in a new way. 

This also goes for our photography. Every motif and every perspective in landscape photography brings new challenges and demands. So we try to improve from motif to motif each time, and create our own style. We want to create a feeling, which stands out from the crowd. Traveling and photography are a perfect combination for us to capture breathtaking moments and scenery, as well as collect beautiful memories together everytime. It's a great shared passion that inspires, motivates and brings us closer every day. 

What's your best travel memory?

That one is easy. It would be the trip to Iceland. Especially the hike to the vulcano, this was a one in a lifetime experience. We both have never seen such a massive and impressive nature spectacle and are still speechless and emotinal overwhelmed. We were able to capture some insane drone shots so we can rewatch this experence over and over again. 

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