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Ambassador | Lewie and the Rover


Stronger Together

Equipped by Cortazu

Lewie and the Rover, esteemed filmmakers and globetrotters on YouTube, are currently exploring the world with their rover. Supported by Cortazu, they have embarked on an exciting journey to capture the beauty of diverse landscapes.

To gain a deeper understanding of Their adventures, travels, and his partnership with Cortazu, let's engage in a conversation and uncover more about his fascinating journey. Check out their Youtube for all their amazing content!

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

If you travel overland there are two important factors: quality and efficiency! You must be able to fully trust the gear you use if you are far away from everything. From the mechanical parts of your car to the clothing you wear. That's what we love about Cortazu. It is reliable, made by a company that goes into the wild them self. And because we don't have much space, we can fully trust only having Cortazu gear. 

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

That's easy! The all-weather hard shell. We used it for days and days in Sweden when we were challenged by the most rainy summer in Sweden. 

What attracts you to traveling and filmmaking?

Getting to places not everyone else is going. If you travel overland you can get to almost anywhere but it takes some time and effort. But this rewards you with the most beautiful places and most times, all by yourself. 

What's your best travel memory?

Driving to the Sahara desert in Morocco with friends we just met. Set up camp in between the sand dunes, make a campfire, and watch the Milky Way all night long.

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