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Ambassador | Koen de Geus



Koen is cycling 20.000 km on his bike to protect nature. The 20.000 km long journey starts in Cancun (Mexico) and ends in the most southern city in the world Ushuaia (Argentina). He will raise funds for the IUCN Land Acquisition Fund. Read more about it on his website and Instagram.

Let’s get to know Koen a little bit better by asking him some questions about himself, his travels and why he’s working with Cortazu! 

Hi Koen, tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Koen de Geus, I’m 32 years old and I live in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I have an endless curiosity and passion for birds, cycling and travelling. That is how the biking birder came into existence!

What attracts you to traveling by bike?

The Biking Birder is an outcome of my passion for birds, cycling and traveling. Traveling by bike is the greenest way of traveling and it gives you the ultimate form of freedom. Every day is an adventure.

The unexpected is waiting around every corner. Traveling on my own pace gives me the oppurtunity to absurb all the nature and beautiful birds! You meet local people and have nice conversations with them.

You have to explain us. Why did you decide to go by bicycle?

I have always been focussed on making the right choice for the planet, but before Corona I never considered traveling by bike. 2 years ago I wanted to travel by backpack, but Corona forced me to cancel my trip. Luckily, because of this cancelation, I discovered my love for biking. A good friend and I bought tourbikes and we cycled a lot in Europe. I soon discovered that biking is the greenest way of traveling and it allows me to enjoy nature!

And why birds? Birding is my pasion because every bird has his own super power. An example being swifts doing everything in the sky. They sleep, eat and having sex high above us. Some terns flying 30.000km's every year. And falcons can see ultraviolet so they can see the trail of mouse droppings from the air. Every bird is amazing and I am going to see a lot of them. I am cycling form the Maccaws and toucans in Central America to the King Penguin in Patagonia.

Inspire us. What's your goal with this trip?

As biking birder my goal is to protect nature and her biodiversity. That's important because one million plant and animal species face the threat of extinction. During the 20.000 km journey I'm raising funds for IUCN NL landaquisitionfund. My fundraising goal is 50.000 euro. The land acquisition purchasing land in strategic places, local organizations can protect, connect and restore the habitats of endangered species. During my trip I will witness first hand how these funds will be implemented. I will visit 15 projects and report out my adventures and observations.

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

Life is all about passion and mine are birding and nature. Cortazu and I share the same purpose to protect nature. We act in different ways to fight climate change. I will do that by cycling and raise donations, Cortazu by making great products and re-greening the planet. That's the spirit! 

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

I tried a few items but the Mountain Hard Shell in combination with the zip-in Mountain Mid-Layer is the perfect combination for me. During my travels I’m mostly in tough weather conditions high in the mountains during sunrises and sunsets. For that reason I choose Mountain Collection.

Besides, I’m super happy with the all-season jacket which I did wear during jungle hikes and less extreme conditions. I personally really love the dark green color of the Mountain Hard Shell but I’m a huge fan of the Yellow Shell as well.

Koen his Cortazu Products:

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