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The Cortazu Journal

Ambassador | Lennart Michels

At Cortazu we encourage adventure and unique experiences. These words don't quite do justice for what our current ambassador Lennart has recently manged to achieve! Traveling 10,000 Kilometers all by bicycle...

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Ambassador | Robin Uthe

Robin Uthe is an Austrian outdoor and lifestyle photographer you’ll most likely find hiking in the mountains! The photos he captures are absolutely stunning and the audience he build with...

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Ambassador | Laura Berghuis

Meet the exciting young talent; Laura Berghuis. Laura is a 17-year old Dutch Mogul Skier who has been hitting the slopes since she was 4 years old. Mogul skiing is...

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Ambassador | Kyle Vollaers

Kyle Vollaers is a South-African adventure and lifestyle photographer, currently freelancing throughout the world. Kyle is known for his soft cinematic style of photography, and his unique ability to capture...

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Ambassador | Alexis Audisio

Alexis Audisio is a passionate Skier and self-proclaimed adrenaline hunter originally from France. He skis many disciplines but is predominantly a freestyle and off-piste enthusiast. He is best known for...

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Ambassador | Cuno de Bruin

Cuno de Bruin is a travel photographer and content creator we're proud to work with. He's an insipration to many. Through the use of his jaw-dropping landscape photographs he shows...

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