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Mens Shell Jackets

A shell jacket is a versatile and lightweight outer layer designed to protect you from the elements, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. It's like a shield against wind, rain, and even snow, keeping you comfortable and dry in any weather condition. Picture yourself conquering the rugged trails, hitting the slopes, or simply strolling around the city – a shell jacket will have your back, quite literally!


Product type

A shell jacket vs. a normal jacket

A shell jacket is a lightweight, protective outerwear designed for specific weather conditions. Its primary purpose is to shield the wearer from wind, rain, and snow while providing breathability. Unlike a normal jacket, a shell jacket lacks insulation, making it ideal for layering and adaptable to various climates. While both a rain jacket and a shell jacket offer water resistance, a shell jacket goes beyond just rain protection. It offers enhanced durability and versatility, serving as a reliable barrier against harsh elements during outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, or mountaineering.

Combining a shell jacket

A shell jacket is a lightweight and weather-resistant outer layer designed to protect against wind, rain, and snow, whereas a normal jacket typically focuses on providing warmth. The key difference lies in their purposes: the shell jacket shields you from the elements, while the normal jacket keeps you warm.

Combining a shell jacket with other types of clothing is essential for an effective layering system. Layering involves wearing multiple garments with different functions to regulate body temperature in various conditions. To layer with a shell jacket, you can add base layers for moisture-wicking and insulation, mid-layers for added warmth, and even a down jacket for extreme cold. This versatile system allows you to adapt your clothing to changing weather and activity levels, ensuring comfort and protection outdoors.

Men's shell jackets

Suitable for any occasion

At Cortazu we have the best and most feature-rich hard shell jackets available. Our mountain hard shell has an unrivalled amount of features, comprising an impressive 54 individual components. As well as for skiing and hiking, the jacket is also designed for daily use.

Heavy on features and light on weight

Our Hard Shell jackets boast impressive 20+ features, some of which you would expect from a premium hard shell jacket, such as the pit-zips, adjustable cuffs, and extra pockets (a whopping nine total pockets). As well as those you may not be accustomed to; fully taped seams,  helmet-compatible hood with cohesive adjustable cords, and sleek shoulder anti-slip. It weighs no more than 620g in total, making it the ideal lightweight jacket to take anywhere. Look no further for your men’s shell jackets and women's shell jackets.

Revolutionary fabric - Dermizax

DermizaxTM is a fabric with a highly sophisticated and technical membrane that achieves maximum waterproofness, breathability, and condensation resistance. It is specifically designed to provide maximum protection against all types of extreme weather, from heavy snow to pouring rain. With a Dermizax®EV membrane, the performance of our hard shell jackets is among the best performers on the market.

Highly waterproof and breathable fabric

Waterproofness is one of the most vital characteristics of a Hard Shell Jacket. Outdoor jackets with a waterproof rating of 10,000 mm or higher are considered highly waterproof and suitable for heavy rain. You could take Cortazu’s hard shell jackets into the eye of the storm thanks to our 25,000 mm waterproof rating!

Why choose Cortazu?

B Corp™ certified

Certification that confirms that a Cortazu meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. Check our results here.

Focus on sustainability

• Made of recycled materials;

• Ethical manufacturing;

Re-greening land in Africa in partnership with Justdiggit.

Revolutionary fabric

All hard shell jackets are using the Dermizax®EV membrane technology.


5 year warranty on all our products, including our jackets.