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Mens Snowboarding jackets

What’s worse than getting wet during your first time snowboarding? We can’t think of anything, actually. Therefore, we got to the bottom of this problem and developed our own, unique 3-layer hard shell jacket that will guarantee you protection and comfort every time you go out there!

Cortazu’s jackets are specifically designed to keep you protected and comfortable in the most extreme outdoor conditions. With our hard shell jackets, you’ll have no trouble layering for your snowboarding adventures!

Buy men’s snowboarding pants online

All of our products are available online. We have worldwide shipping available with free shipping within the EU. If you’re outside the EU, visit our website’s FAQ to check the shipping rates applicable for your country. 

With our Dermizax™ (Japan made) membrane, you’ll be guaranteed with maximum waterproof protection and breathability in our pants. With the pants weighing in at only 580 gr. it’ll feel like your wearing the bare minimum, but having complete protection and comfortness.

Shell pants for snowboarding by Cortazu

Even though Cortazu’s design philosophy revolves around allround applicability of its products, we’ve always created products that will stand the test of time in the harsh mountain evironment. With our shell pants and its sturdy 3-layer fabric with maximum breathability no snowstrom will ruin your mood anymore.  Combine this with the 14+ features that make your life in the mountains a lot easier, you will never want to leave the mountains and your snowboard again. 

Why choose Cortazu?

B Corp™ certified

•Certification that confirms that a Cortazu meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. Check our results here.

Focus on sustainability

•Recycled materials
•Ethical manufacturing,
Re-greening land in Africa in partnership with Justdiggit.

Revolutionary fabric

•Dermizax®EV - a highly sophisticated and technical membrane that achieves the highest level of waterproofness, breathability and resistance to condensation.


•10 year warranty on our jackets.