Women's lightweight outdoor jackets – Cortazu
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Women's lightweight outdoor jackets

Being flexible with your gear whilst being outdoors is a must. The last thing you’ll want is
being stuck with an overfull backpack with heavy clothes that barely serve their purpose.
That’s why, we have created our unique lightweight jackets, that are both super
comfortable and waterproof at the same time! Scroll down for more info.

Women’s waterproof lightweight jackets by Cortazu

With our women's lightweight waterproof jackets, you won’t have to worry about getting wet. For all our Hard Shell we use the Dermizax®EV technology that is built to be breathable and 100% waterproof at the same time. While our Hard Shells will keep you dry, the Mid-Layer jackets and Fleece jackets will make sure you are warm and cozy.

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In addition to these technical details, we provide our quality for a fraction of the price compared to our direct competitors in this space. Orders in the EU and US receive free shipping and worldwide shipping is available for all other countries. Feel safe with our 10-year warranty and be sure that you can use our jackets for years to come! Pick and choose your favourite here.

Why choose Cortazu?

B Corp™ certified

Cortazu is the first Dutch outdoor brand to be B-Corp certified! Being B-Corp certified means that Cortazu focuses on accountability, transparency, and sustainability. In short: we're using our business for good!

Focus on sustainability

Cortazu is putting forth the following efforts to help cool the planet and preserve its natural beauty:
•Recycling materials;
•Ethical manufacturing;
Re-greening land in Africain partnership with Justdiggit.

Revolutionary fabric

Dermizax®EV - a fabric with a technical membrane that achieves maximum waterproofness, breathability, and condensation resistance.


We offer a 10-year warranty on all of our items as an assurance of their quality.