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Ambassador | Jonas Hornehoj



Jonas Hornehoj is a travel photographer, splitboarder and filmmaker. Through his photography, he shows us what amazing places the world has to offer. Need a digital escape around the world? Make sure to check out his Instagram page and be amazed!

At Cortazu, we’re proud to say Jonas has been using our gear during his travels. Let’s get to know Jonas a little bit better by asking him some questions about himself, his hometown and why he’s working with Cortazu! 

Hi Jonas, tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Jonas, I’m a travel photographer and filmmaker from Denmark, now living in Bali where I run my creative business. I have been creating for 5+ years now, spending most of my time in South East Asia with some big trips in Europe and North Africa as well.

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What attracts you to traveling and photography an the outdoors?

To me Photography and Travel go hand in hand. I started traveling full time in 2017, which is also when I picked up Photography. I had been traveling a few times before but never any huge trips besides 3 months in Thailand in 2016 for a university internship. This is when I fell in love with South East Asia and knew I wanted to travel more. I had always been creative so I decided to pick up photography as a way to document my travels and tell the stories in the way that I experienced them.

My goal was always to make my audience feel something when they saw my images, I wanted to show people the nature, people, colours and moments that I was fortunate enough to experience. This led me to many different avenues of creative expression through photo and video work. I pretty much made photography and filmmaking my full time job as soon as I started traveling, allowing myself to improve every day, going to incredible places I could only dream of 5 years ago, and meeting some very talented artists along the way. I continue to travel a lot, although now I based myself in Bali where I spend most of my time creating for myself and my clients. Photography and Filmmaking is the form of visual expression that I decided to make my focus, and now I can’t ever imagine doing anything else in my life.

What's your best travel memory?

This is a super hard question to answer, but 1 specific moment definitely comes to mind, which was in July this year when I traveled to Iceland with my good friend Kyle to capture the volcanic eruption in the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. We actually partnered with Cortazu when we headed there, to capture the incredible phenomena and also put the cortazu gear to the test in extremely rough weather conditions, with storming winds and intense rainfall.
This memory especially stands out to me because I have always been fascinated by volcanoes, so witnessing a live erupting volcano was a dream come true both personally and as a photographer

Inspire us. What are your favorite destinations?

My favorite destinations is a long list! But if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say Bali is up there forsure with its vast selection of nature and beauty to capture. On a completely separate note, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and history of Jordan, especially the Wadi Rum Desert and Petra. Iceland is a country I only visited for a few days when the volcano was erupting, but it remains high on my list of countries I would love to explore further in the near future.

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

I match with Cortazu so well because I feel like I am the avatar for which the product was created. Everything that cortazu stands for as a brand with an incredible product, is something that I live by, and the gear that I can bring along on my trips is always reliable, weather proof, and an essential part of my packing list.

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

My go to Cortazu gear that I can use in pretty much any scenario are the hybrid fleece and the Insulated Shell Jacket. I bring these with me on all my travels no matter where I am in the world, to keep comfortable and protected from the elements at all times!

Ben his Cortazu Products:

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