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Cortazu X Sjoerd Bracké

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Cortazu Gear to Beat the Elements

Travel photography involves challenges of harsh weather conditions and unpredictable environments. Sjoerd Bracké is using his Cortazu gear to beat the elements and produce stunning results every time.

Sjoerd is a professional travel photographer based in The Netherlands and official Cortazu and Canon Netherlands Ambassador for over 3 years. Through his photography & video he earned a loyal following of over 100.000 people on Instagram.

Stronger Together

Equipped by Cortazu

Cortazu is all about equipping people like Sjoerd to pursue their passions and push the limits of what is possible. That’s where our world’s meet. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the rugged landscapes of Iceland, Sjoerd’s passion for adventure and love for traveling is evident in every shot he takes, and we’re glad to be part of it

“My adventures take me to some of the most remote and challenging environments in the world, and I need gear that can keep up. That’s why I choose Cortazu. Their equipment provides the protection and durability I need to capture the best images possible, no matter the weather.”

Sjoerd Bracké Professional Travel Photographer

Why do you think you match with Cortazu so well?

First of all, the gear is fantastic! I’ve tried many different brands but for me the Cortazu jackets are simply the most convenient ones in terms of fit, with a very pleasing design on top of that. Thereby, I really resonate with their brand mission to Get Out There, For The Better. Besides that, regreening land in Africa in collaboration with JustDiggit is something I’m very excited about!

Also, I love the fact that Cortazu is a dutch brand conquering the well known market leaders in the outdoor industry. This is one of the reasons I decided to work with them!

What are your favorite Cortazu items?

I've always been a huge fan of the Mountain Hard Shell in combination with the Recycled Mid-Layer, which is the perfect combination for me.

However, I recently tried their new All Weather Hard Shell which might be my favorite item from now on! It's the perfect jacket for literally any occasion.

On top of that I can't go on a trip without bringing the Hybrid Fleece Jacket with me. A must have if you ask me!

Special deal
Receive a free Fleece jacket worth €119 when purchasing a Hard Shell jacket. Use the code: FREE_FLEECE_SB

What attracts you to traveling and photography?

The world is such an interesting place. So many different landscapes, cultures, animals, cities. So much to see, to explore, to learn. I fell in love with traveling a long time ago, and have a second love along with it. Photography. 

When I got into travel photography, this added an extra dimension to the whole travel experience for me. Trying to capture everything at its best, pushes me to get a closer and better look, from different angles and perspectives as well as getting to know the people and their cultural habits more than ever before.

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Sjoerd offers you a special deal! Receive a Fleece jacket worth €119 for free when purchasing a Hard Shell jacket. Use the code: FREE_FLEECE_SB

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