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Outdoor Jackets by Cortazu

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At Cortazu we offer a full range of premium outerwear. The most common and often deemed the most important part of any adventurer's kit is the jacket. From soft shells to hard shells, stretch jackets to mid-layers, to fleeces and more- choosing the right jacket for your individual needs will allow you to get the most out of your gear.

Here you will find our full range of jackets, by clicking on a specific product you can find out more detailed information including full technical specifications. 

Many Types of Outdoor Jackets

As seasoned adventurers know, the great outdoors can be an unpredictable place. At the mercy of mother nature, conditions can change instantaneously. That is why we strive to offer a different type of jacket for every possible situation you may find yourself in.

Often dubbed the most vital piece of gear for outdoor enthusiasts, the Hard Shell Jacket is where premium outerwear really comes into play. The combination of high performing membranes and the abundance of individual components gives Hard Shell jackets an unrivaled ceiling of potential. We offer a wide range of Mens Hard Shell Jackets and Womens Hard Shell Jackets, each fulfilling different individual needs. Whether it’s the Mountain, All Round, or All Season hard shell, we’re certain there is one to fit your wants and needs. 

Another essential for explorers is the Mid-Layer Jacket. Whether you need protection from sub zero temperatures at the peak of the mountain, or a breathable outer layer for summer hikes, the mid-layer jacket can suit your needs. Our Mountain Mid-layer has been carefully designed with 3M Featherless FL700 Insulation to keep you warm no matter what. Whilst remaining surprisingly breathable, the Mountain Mid-layer also has a zip-in function to combine with the Mountain Hard Shell

The Cortazu Stretch jacket is a unique lightweight layer made of the Primaristo™ fourway stretch fabric from Toray, it's durable and offers ultimate comfort. The stretch jacket feels like a second skin, keeping you warm during an active day in nature or the city. Whether you ride a bike in the mountains or take your kayak to the river. We believe it's a must have for every outdoor enthusiast. Wear it as a standalone piece or as a layer underneath a shell jacket to keep you warm in colder conditions.

No collection would be complete without a cosy fleece jacket.The fleece is perfect for diverse outdoor activities and features with a Hi-Tech polyester fabric which is warm, durable and breathable. Perfect for layering in colder conditions or just as a standalone piece.

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All Season Jackets For Sale

As the name suggests, the All-Season Hard Shell jacket is perfect for all year round use. It is a 3-layer shell jacket containing over 20 features of the highest quality materials. 

From city commuting to keeping you prepared on the summit, the All Season Hard Shell is 100% waterproof and includes Waterproof AcquaGuard® zippers, fully taped seams, a Recco Rescue System, and many more premium features.

This jacket is designed for the most diverse conditions, wind, rain, snow, even warmth, the combination of high quality waterproofing techniques and industry leading breathability ratings, the All Season Hard Shell has got your back.

Outdoor Coats For Any Occasion

Cortazu coats will always have a strong affiliation with the outdoors and winter sports. But that is not to say that is where their functionalities end. Across our several collections, there are many different product styles that can be suitable for any occasion. Versatility and functionality is at the heart of everything we do.

For the technically savvy mountain enthusiasts, our Mountain Collection has an athletic fit with features in abundance. The All-Season collection is a perfect all-round jacket that offers all the protection from the elements of high end jackets, with the style and comfort of casual jackets. Whatever the occasion, stay protected and stylish with Cortazu.

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