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Cortazu x RECCO

Learn more about our long-term safety partner: RECCO.

In conversation: RECCO

As long-time partners, we've recently teamed up with RECCO to give you an in-depth talk on how we work together, how RECCO keeps you safe and highlight some useful practical information.

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Could you quickly tell us what RECCO is?

The RECCO® technology, protected by a patent, consists of two components. Firstly, there is an active detector that is carried by the rescuer. Secondly, there is a passive reflector that is carried by the user.

How does RECCO save lives?

1. The RECCO detector sends out a radar signal in a specific direction, similar to a focused beam of light.

2. Once the radar signal reaches the RECCO reflector, it bounces back to the detector, guiding the rescuer towards the victim's direction.

3. As the detector moves closer to the reflector, the strength of the returned signal increases, enabling the rescuer to precisely determine the victim's whereabouts.

From where did RECCO start?

In 1973, a devastating avalanche accident occurred in Åre, Sweden, prompting founder Magnus Granhed to participate in the rescue efforts. Unfortunately, Granhed experienced the loss of a close friend during the incident. As he engaged in the painstaking process of probing and utilizing search dogs, he realized the need for a more efficient approach to rescue operations. With this in mind, the idea for RECCO started.

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What will RECCO look like in the future?

Our ongoing commitment lies in continuously exploring innovative methods to enhance the searchability of individuals in outdoor environments through the utilization of RECCO technology. Our primary focus remains on advancing the development of this technology, starting from our initial detector, R1, and progressing to our latest handheld detector, R9, as well as the introduction of the RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector.

Why do you think RECCO works so well with Cortazu?

Whether you're exploring the backcountry, conquering snowy peaks, or enjoying winter sports, having RECCO technology in Cortazu gear gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can be quickly located in case of an accident. This partnership emphasizes the shared values of safety, innovation, and a commitment to providing outdoor enthusiasts with reliable and effective solutions. With RECCO rescue technology and Cortazu by your side, you can embrace your adventures with confidence, knowing that you have a trusted companion in keeping you safe during your outdoor pursuits.