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Warranty & Repairs (EU)


Our Cortazu outerwear comes with a 5-year warranty, which guarantees the quality and performance of our products. The warranty covers original and unmodified fabrics and materials used by Cortazu. However, normal wear and tear damages are not covered. We encourage our customers to care for their outerwear according to the care instructions provided, as proper maintenance can help prolong the life and performance of the garment.

Examples of wear and tear damages that are included in the warranty: 

  • Seam tape delamination or peeling. 
  • Zippers malfunctioning, getting stuck, or breaking under normal usage.
  • Membrane failures related to waterproofness or breathability.
  • Velcro losing its adhesion. 

Examples of wear and tear damages that are not included in the warranty: 

  • Abrasion or tearing of the fabric due to extreme conditions or rough use. 
  • Damage caused by accidents or misuse, such as snagging on sharp objects.
  • Damage as a result of improper care or cleaning methods. 
  • General loss of water repellency over time, which may require repellency-treatment.

*If your purchase was made outside of the EU or you have a product from our Cortez collection, kindly reach out to us at We will be happy to assist you further and explore the available options for your specific situation.

How does it work? 

If your product is broken and you suspect it is due to a product or manufacturing defect, we would be glad to assess whether it falls within the warranty period and conditions. To make a warranty claim, please fill in this form.

By providing these details accurately and thoroughly, you will help us expedite the warranty/repair claim process and ensure that we can address your issue promptly and effectively.


After completing the form, you have two options for submitting your warranty request or repair: 

Option 1: In-Store Visit

Make sure to have the order number available and ensure that the item is complete and clean. 

Option 2: Shipment (at your own cost) 

Fill out the online form completely and include the order number and full name inside the shipment. Make sure the item is complete and clean. 

Please note that it may take approximately 2-4 weeks for your returned product to be processed, depending on the delivery and repair time. During the process, the following steps will take place: 


Step 1: Reception at Cortazu Store/HQ 

  • All returned products are assessed to determine if specialist repair/service is required. We will contact you to communicate the result of the warranty assessment. 
  • If the repair/service is covered by the warranty, it will be carried out at our own cost. 
  • If the issue is not covered by the warranty, we will provide you with possible solutions and the associated repair costs. 
  • Cortazu Store/HQ address: Admiraal de Ruijterweg 59, 1057 JX Amsterdam


Step 2: Sent to United Repair Centre 

  • We have established a valuable partnership with URC, a repair service provider that collaborates with leading apparel brands in Europe to promote circularity and prolong the lifespan of various products. You can find more information about their mission and our collaboration on this dedicated page.

Step 3: Communication 

  • Upon arrival at URC, we receive information about repair options and possible solutions. 
  • We communicate these options to you via the email provided in the form. 

Step 4: Delivery 

  • The repair takes place, and the product is collected from the URC location. We then ship the product from our store to your location. 
  • Please note that a small extra charge may apply for shipping, depending on the location.

By following this process, we aim to provide you with efficient and effective warranty support or repair services for your product.

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