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Mid-layer Jackets Men


Discover the ultimate outdoor essential: the mid-layer jacket. Designed for versatility and comfort, Cortazu’s men’s mid-layers balance insulation, breathability, and flexibility. They're the crucial link between outdoor chill and adventurer warmth. Explore our collection now!


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Men's Wind Resistant Mid-Layers: Protection & Comfort

In the realm of outdoor adventure, being confronted with unpredictable weather conditions requires gear that stands up to the challenge. Our men’s windproof mid-layer jackets are at the forefront of this battle as they offer unparalleled protection and comfort against the chilling temperatures. Engineered with advanced materials and insulation, these jackets help to block out the wind while ensuring breathability and warmth, without overheating, no matter where your journey takes you! Discover our selection of men’s windproof mid-layer jackets: your trusted shield against the elements!

Key Features to Look for in Men's Mid-Layer Jackets

When it comes to choosing the correct mid-layer jacket for outdoor adventurers, functionality, durability, and versatility are very important. Cortazu offers a range of mid-layer jackets designed to withstand the elements while also offering protection against the elements. Here are some key features that you need to look out for when selecting the perfect mid-layer jacket:

Insulation technology

Cortazu’s mid-layers utilise advanced insulation to ensure that you remain warm in bitter conditions without adding unnecessary bulk. Look out for jackets with high-quality insulation materials like PrimaLoft or Polartec for superior warmth and breathability.

Moisture management

Go for a mid-layer jacket that is equipped with moisture-wicking properties to keep the sweat away from your skin and main dry and comfortable conditions.

Wind resistance

Whether you find yourself hiking in the mountains or hitting the slopes, wind resistance is important for maintaining warmth and being comfortable. Cortazu’s mid-layer jackets are specially engineered with windproof fabrics that aim to provide protection against the cold winter wind, enabling you to focus on your adventure without needing to worry about feeling the cold.


Search for mid-layers that are constructed from fabrics with more stretch to ensure mobility and flexibility. Cortazu’s mid-layer jackets feature a lightweight and breathable material that ensures flexibility.

Adjustable features

Cuffs, hems and hoods are important features that need to be considered as they prevent drafts and offer a customizable fit! The mid-layers on offer at Cortazu are equipped with elastic cuffs and hems. 

Packability and lightweight

For outdoor enthusiasts, it is essential to have lightweight gear that is also compressible, mid-layer jackets are no exception. Cortazu has a range of lightweight and packable mid-layer jackets that can be easily packed into a backpack, without taking up too much space. This makes them an ideal choice for those who travel and embark on full-day adventures! 


Ensure you find a mid-layer that can be worn as a layer of insulation under hardshell jackets, but also that can be worn as a standalone piece in milder conditions. At Cortazu, we have designed versatile mid-layer jackets that can be used not only as a layer of insulation but also as a transition jacket for in-between seasons.

Customize Your Adventure with Cortazu

These are just some of the key features that you should consider when it comes to purchasing a mid-layer jacket. However, aside from these key features, it is important that you choose a jacket that meets your needs and preferences overall. Explore Cortazu’s collection of mid-layer jackets to discover high-performance options tailored for your next adventure!

Why choose Cortazu?

B Corp™ certified

Certification that confirms that a Cortazu meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. Check our results here.

Focus on sustainability

• Made of recycled materials;

• Ethical manufacturing;

Re-greening land in Africa in partnership with Justdiggit.

Revolutionary fabric

All hard shell jackets are using the Dermizax®EV membrane technology.


5 year warranty on all our products, including our jackets.

Choosing the Right Mid-Layer Jacket for Your Adventures

When selecting the ideal mid-layer jacket for your adventures, it's crucial to assess several factors. Start by evaluating your activity level and the climate conditions you'll face. In cold, windy climates, prioritize jackets with excellent insulation and windproofing, such as those offered at Cortazu. Additionally, seek a jacket that seamlessly integrates into your layering system, providing warmth without restricting movement.

Opt for technical fabrics known for durability and breathability. Look for a tailored fit with adjustable sleeves and hems for enhanced mobility. Consider the packability and weight of the jacket for easier transportation. By considering these points, you can confidently choose a mid-layer jacket that elevates your outdoor experience with comfort and protection.